Amanda Rose Workshops Offered

Dance Movement Therapy & Belly Dance

Sunday at Dance Fusion AZ 1:30-3:30PM
Amanda Rose has a Masters in Dance Movement Therapy and has written her thesis on the therapeutic capacities of belly dance in Western culture and the potential for dance movement therapy to aide in those experiences. In this workshop we will explore authentic movement exercises, body sensation, and self expression. Using belly dance as an entry way into the body, allowing for unrestricted experimentation, we'll explore our bodies and their expressions. 

Dancing In The Streets, Shaabi Style!

Saturday at PHX Rising Dance Festival 9:00-11:00AM
Let's get down, shaabi style! Straight from the streets of Cairo, this style is high energy, in your face, with lots of personality and bold moves. In this workshop we’ll mix old school shaabi & balady with new school street shaabi moves & music. There will be a focus on technique, gestures, stylization and application. After this upbeat workshop you’ll walk away with more information on the background of this Egyptian style and its new generation.