Leading Arizona's Middle Eastern Dance (MED) scene, Ava Fleming's innovative isolations and soulful music interpretation captivates audiences across the world. In high demand for her teaching skills and performances, Ava's unique approach to MED has led her to international recognition and acclaim. Spending the majority of her time traveling as a guest seminar instructor and artist, she also teaches at ASU and Phoenx College. A stage dancer, you can often see her at local shows at The Herberger, Scottsdale Center for the Arts and Tempe Center for the Arts. She has also been fortunate to perform with musical talents such as: Chris Spheers, Souhail Kaspar, Karim Nagi of Turbo Tabla and Djinn.

Recognized by her peers, role models, and audience members, Ava Fleming is the only award-winning dancer to sweep the three offered categories of, Champion, People's Choice and Miss Congeniality in the Belly Dancer of the Universe Competition (2004). Since then she has become a regular judge at worldwide MED competitions.

Ava has over a dozen instructional and performance DVD’s available worldwide and is in the process of unveiling a teaching certification program as well as an advanced performer training format and an outreach to non dancers who would like to embody grace in their every day life. She is dedicated to bring the best of elegance and grace out in women.

Ava Fleming

Workshop Topic: Grace in Motion:
Grace.  Examining, personifying and utilizing the traits creating the graceful dancer that is you.  Use the top details of grace personified in your presentation of you when you dance on and off stage.  Remember once a dancer, always a dancer both on and off stage, now it is time to ensure grace follows, precedes and is you.