Krisenna Zipporah is a belly dance instructor and professional performer. She was also the director of Pretty Hard Corps Dance®. Pretty Hard Corps Dance® is a unique performance troupe, formerly operated at Fort Drum in NY. The troupe is currently seeking new dancers for projects in AZ.

Krisenna is also an Unmata / Hot Pot Style ITS instructor and is available for workshops and series classes.

Krisenna is currently teaching at Thrive Cultural Academy and at The Studio in Casa Grande, AZ. Krisenna is also a member of the RaMagik Dance Troupe in Casa Grande and producer of the Amethyst Dance Festival!

Workshop Topic: Put your best hip forward!

Best expressions, body angles, etc. for candid and pro photo shoots – Being involved in the modeling and pageant industry for over 20 years has helped Krisenna gain valuable insight regarding presentation… Simply put, there is an art and developed skill involved in cultivating the image that the audience sees on stage and in photos.  Preparation and “tricks of the trade” are instrumental in creating the desired effect.  When you feel your best, your confidence will allow you to perform at your best!   

*Brief instruction on contouring and highlighting for face and body

*Beautiful lines and movements that can be incorporated into a dance piece to add expressiveness throughout the performance and drama in moments of stillness" - Krisenna will also be teaching some dynamic combinations that weave stunning lines and poses together with seamless transitions.

*Tips for truly enjoying your moment on stage, connecting with the audience and allowing them to feel your joy and love of dance