Samantha's Workshop Offerings

Introduction to Bollywood Fusion Improv (“BFI”)

Sunday at Dance Fusion AZ  11:00-1:00PM
The sinuous lines of bellydance plus the earthiness and rhythmic accents of Rajasthani folk dance plus the expressiveness of Bollywood equals a compelling style: “BFI”. Samantha has developed a unique combination of movement from these roots, which is performed as an improvisational vocabulary by Portico Dance Company, and now she brings it to you! Learn the techniques behind this melding of traditions, the basic building blocks, transitional movement, and a few combinations you can take home with you. Samantha promises you will enjoy the grace, power, and lyrical qualities of Portico-Style Bollywood Fusion Improv.

Level: Suitable for dancers of all levels 

Bollywood via Rajasthan: “Minnat Kare”

​Saturday at PHX Rising Dance Festival 1:30-3:30PM
This class puts the folk dance into Bollywood with the Rajasthani-styled coyness of the song  “Minnat Kare” from the movie Paheli (with Samantha’s original, award-winning choreography). Within the vehicle of the choreography, you will learn traveling steps, beautiful poses and a vocabulary of hasta mudras (hand positions) that can be utilized in your own dance. The theatrics involved in a successful Bollywood stage work are also covered. When selecting clothing/support for this workshop, please bear in mind that there will be spinning, kicking and a little bit of floor work. Also bring knee pads or foot protection, if required for floor moves. Alternatives are provided for those with knee or ankle issues.

Level: All – but can be geared as a master class. Some dance experience is helpful.