Tierza's Workshop Offering

Modern Dakini Dance

Saturday at PHX Rising Dance Festival 1:00-2:30PM

Experience Dance as a Spiritual Practice!
Tierza’s Modern Dakini dance is a combination of belly dance fusion isolations and layering combined with Tibetan standing asana, mudras and facial gestures powerfully generated to bring the deity to life. By intentionally manifesting as the deity rather than oneself it becomes a  “Sadhana of Dance” and has the ability to generate great bliss within oneself and surroundings. 

In this workshop you will learn the foundational foot patterns and arm sequences involved with this modern yet ancient art form.   After which she will teach basics on how to layer bellydance isolation patterns to the main format and then drill to build control.  Finishing the segment, she will be cooling down with hand mudras and gentle stretching to ground and connect.