WildCard Bellydance Workshops Offered

We Got Skills to Play the Zills: 

​Sunday at Dance Fusion AZ  11:00-1:00PM

WildCard Dialect Combos with Alternate Finger Cymbal PatternsTired of the same old zill pattern?  Spice up your repertoire with WildCard signature fast combinations with alternate patterns and accents! In this class we will also show you the technique we use to make your zills sound flawless! We will learn the move and its variations, and play with different formations in small groups. Basic knowledge of ATS® foundational moves will be helpful.  Bring your zills!

Plunging the Blade:

Saturday at PHX Rising Dance Festival 3:30-5:30PM

Delving Deep into the WildCard BellyDance Tribal Scimitar formatAre you looking for something to make your dance a little more dangerous and edgy? Adding the element of sword balancing will do just that. In this workshop we will break down our favorite classics and latest inspirations as we explore different ways of presenting, dancing with and balancing your blade, all within a tribal improv format! We will also share with you our tricks and tips on caring for and cleaning your blade. Whether your sword is a stage prop or a battle ready scimitar, bring it and be prepared to delve deep.  Please bring a head scarf and something to balance.